Apartments for your stay in Bourke

All of the Bourke Apartments are fully furnished with quality beds, linen and towelling. They are serviced weekly by our professionally trained staff.

Parking is in a secure, locked yard with covered garaging, and there are laundry facilities on site.

Apartments 1, 2 and 3

Apartment 1 is furnished, and is available for rental for two nights or more.

To accommodate more people, Apartments 2 and 3 may be let as additional space, each for $75 extra per night. These two apartments use the same cooking and bathroom facilities as Apartment 1, but have their own lounges and TVs. They may only be booked as add-ons to Apartment 1, which means tenants never having to share with strangers.

Apartments 1, 2 and 3 are located on the first floor of the main building.

Apartment 1

Lounge with comfortable chairs
Bedroom with large, comfortable bed
Recently refurbished kitchen
Mantelpiece with painting
View from balcony across to park

Apartment 2

Apartment 2, on the first floor of the main building, has lots of space. It is furnished and has its own lounge and TV. It also shares kitchen and bathroom with Apartment 1, with which it must be booked, for $75 extra per night.

Empty room
Green curtains

Apartment 3

Also located on the first floor, Apartment 3 is furnished and has its own lounge and TV. It may be booked only in addition to Apartment 1, with which it shares kitchen and bathroom. $75 extra per night.

Sofa beside bed
Looking into room

Apartment 4, available separately

Situated separately behind the main building on the ground floor, Apartment 4 has its own cooking and bathroom facilities.

Looking from bedroom through doorway towards main house
Lounge with sofa

More views of Bourke Apartments

Front fa├žade of Bourke Apartments
Bourke Apartments upstairs balcony
Back verandah area
Back corner of Bourke Apartments with path to road and verandah
Flowers in the garden
Corrugated iron gate opening to Bourke Apartments car park and garaging